Error #1: When I saw Jackie wear her Old Navy utility vest (we have the same one. Actually everyone has this one!) with a striped shirt I was totally in love. Except I don't have a striped shirt like that. I thought I did; but I gave it away to Goodwill. I subbed in this purple and white striped shirt that I got on sale. Error # 2: my laundry wasn't clean so my pants choices were flared jeans or no pants. I chose the flares. I can't decide if I'm happy with them or not. So I ended up with this outfit because I didn't think it through when I imagined putting it together. An outfit form errors.

My long necklace is an antique silver fork manipulated into an octopus! (Quadropus? Because it only has four arms? I don't care I love it.)

OH THIS PURSE! I've been searching for this bag since last fall. Kacie of Shy Girl Loud Voice had it and I was like, you need to be MINE! I looked every where! I finally posted it on The Hunt and found it on a high-end resale site. I was very happy with my purchase, they guarantee authenticity and quality. My bag has one tiny scratch but I bet you can't see it. :) I am one happy Ashleigh! This bag epitomizes my style. Classic, with a twist. I can dress it up or down, pair with bohemian clothes or work ensembles. It's roomier than it looks too!

Sunglasses: Dollar Tree (Yep. The Dollar Tree. I lose sunglasses too much to pay more than $1 for them!)
Tee: JC Penny
Vest: Old Navy (still in stores!)
Jeans: American Eagle (old)
Converse: Target
Bag: Kate Spade, Resale Shop (Can I say this is thrifted since it's used???)
Heart Necklace: Tiffany's
Nameplate Necklace: Loralei's Charms
Octo-fork Necklace: Sin City Antiques in Newport KY (Does this count as thrifted since it's an antique fork? I think so.)
Green Amethyst Bangle: Thrifted