No fashion today, just thoughts. A fellow blogger friend tweeted about how she had found a blog bashing site and a thread about her blog (a blog I mightily enjoy,) and I was intrigued. So I googled "blog bashing sites" and found quite a few. Am I naive for not knowing about these sites?  

When I first considered making a blog I knew from reading other blogs that hate can happen in the forms of comments and emails and tweets, etc. I had no clue there were multiple entire websites devoted to hating everything every blogger everywhere writes or posts. Ironically, since these sites feature the thoughts of the writer, aren't they considered blogs too? Anyway. There's a hate site for EVERYTHING. I don't know why I'm surprised.
Unsurprisingly, I'm not on any of these (my blog is small) but I could be. You could be too. What does this mean for the blogger to be featured on one of these sites? To have a thread devoted to how much everyone hates them?
Absolutely nothing. It means nothing. 
There will always be hate. There will always be someone that disagrees with your life, your choices, hell, even your breakfast! 
You are a great person. You are more than words on a screen. You are more than your blog and more than someone else's thoughts on your blog.
I started my blog because I love fashion. I obsessively love fashion. I needed a community who felt like I did, because my friends and family do not get this side of me. They don't understand why I love fashion, and they really don't get my love of thrift stores. ( I love fashion and want way more than I can actually afford. Thrifting allows me to make my habit affordable.)
The blogging community on the whole is fantastic. We build each other up. Truly. It's beyond "You go, girl." and beyond "Oh, I love your shoes." I've seen the supportive, helpful, sweet comments on posts ranging from shoes to adoption to death to birth to mental health to physical health and back around to shoes. Is it really such a bad thing, for a human to reach out online and seek support? Do the haters have any idea what that support could mean to someone? 
OF COURSE THEY DO. That's why they have their blog-bashing blog! They feel about blogs/bloggers the way I feel about fashion. Probably with the same passion and fire, and they too, need a community where they feel accepted to vent about how much they hate blogging/bloggers.
I'm not an Earth Mama "Let's-all-get-along" Mary Poppins. The internet is a VERY big place though. We can all have our corner. Do I think tearing someone down is right? No. 
Do you know what I will do about it?
I will continue to read my favorite blogs and explore new ones. I will continue with my blog as long as I feel it is relevant. I WILL TEACH MY CHILDREN TO BE COMPASSIONATE, CARING INDIVIDUALS THAT DO NOT TEAR OTHERS DOWN. I WILL TEACH THEM TO BE OPEN, LOVING AND ACCEPTING. Then the world will have at least two more people that are a part of the solution, not the problem. And to the blog bashers, eventually I know you may read this. I will get made fun of for accepting you and your reasons for doing what you do and get called a hippie at best and be attacked on my appearance or my family or my friends at worst. So I say to you: You are more than words on a screen. You are more than your blogs, and more than someone else's thoughts (including mine) on your blog. One day I hope you will put aside the hate and do something constructive with all that time and energy. Till then, you can have your corner of the internet and I will not venture there, because I'm completely happy in mine.
To my blogging friends, I will see you around, on your blogs or mine.